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Onkyo HT-R530 (HT-S780) Manuals & Troubleshooting Guide

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Onkyo HT-R530 (HT-S780)

Onkyo HT-R530 (HT-S780)
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Onkyo HT-R530 (HT-S780) A/V Receiver Owner's Manual

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Onkyo A/V Receivers Troubleshooting

HT-R530 (HT-S780): Can’t turn on the AV receiver/AV amplifier

  • Make sure that the power cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait five seconds or more, then plug it in again.

HT-R530 (HT-S780): The AV receiver/AV amplifier turns off as soon as it’s turned on

  • The amp protection circuit has been activated. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet immediately. Disconnect all speaker cables and input sources, and leave the AV receiver/AV amplifier with its power cord disconnected for 1 hour. After that, reconnect the power cord and set the volume to maximum. If the AV receiver/AV amplifier stays on, set the volume to minimum, disconnect the power cord, and reconnect your speakers and input sources. If the AV receiver/AV amplifier turns off when you set the volume to maximum, disconnect the power cord, and contact your Onkyo dealer.

HT-R530 (HT-S780): There’s no sound, or it’s very quiet

  • Make sure that the digital input source is selected properly (page 51). Press the [DIGITAL INPUT] button repeatedly.
  • Make sure that all audio connecting plugs are pushed in all the way.
  •
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